Kite Lessons and Sessions

Our aim is to get you on the water kiting independently as soon as possible. 

Step 1:     Pick up a DVD from the shop. $40.  Watch it. This covers the safety and theory information you need initially plus lots more to help you progress quickly. Don't skip this step.

Step 2:      Call Fun Supply, 0419443144 and book your lesson.  $180 for a 2 hour session on the beach and in the water.  Some may need more than one lesson before practising solo.  This is all about flying the board yet.

Step 3:      Come and get your kite gear. We aim to supply you with gear that will work for you in local conditions. Choose from new, used and demo gear to fit your budget.

Step 4:       As soon as your instructor says you are competent,  practise flying your kite until you know where the kite is all the time, without looking at it in the sky. When you can body drag upwind, relaunch your kite consistently, self rescue and launch and land safely, you are ready for the board.

Step 5:       Have a go at getting on your board, using the info from the dvd and guidance from us.  Advice at the beach is free if you catch us while we are there. Hassles are usually sorted out quickly, as long as you have good kite control. If you're just not progressing, then book in for another lesson.

Step 6:        Up and riding ?  Good.  Get as many sessions in as you can in all conditions….remember you can watch You Tube all you like, but proficiency only comes with time on the water..Get out and have fun.

              WHERE TO KITE IN DARWIN  

DRY SEASON:- May to October.  The prevailing wind is SE in the mornings, backing to the NE or N in the afternoons if you are lucky. This favours BUFFALO CREEK beach in the morning and CASUARINA beach in the afternoon.

WET SEASON:-  October to May.  The prevailing flow is Westerly…when it starts. October to mid November is always marginal at best. After that, try :- Kite Corner or Casuarina Beach at the Darwin Surf Club.

KITE CORNER location: Carpark opposite 300 Casuarina Drive Rapid Creek. Suitable when the tide is below 4m. 

If unsure, call us.  0419 443 144

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